[maemo-users] [maemo-users] Some Thoughts Regarding IT OS 2007 and the N800

From: Jakub.Pavelek at nokia.com Jakub.Pavelek at nokia.com
Date: Fri Jan 26 10:30:00 EET 2007
>> The N800 backup program is adequate for simple backups; however, it 
>> should include the ability to backup the storage cards and provide 
>> some level of compression.  For example, I have two 2GB 
>storage cards.  
>> On one I do backups.  On the other I have photos, etc.  I should be 
>> able to backup one card to the other.  And I should be able 
>to select 
>> backup of applications, etc.
>Agree -- would love to backup apps.  After a reflash, you have 
>to install everything again.  It's great to save your prefs 
>etc, but getting the apps back would be very nice.  I'd like 
>to have the backup be something you could schedule -- on my 
>Palm's I used BackupMan and had it run each night at 1am.

This is much more difficult than you think (I was campaining for that
feature too).

>> I do a lot of international travel and thus like to use the 24-hour 
>> clock, e.g. 1300 for 1:00PM, 1400 for 2:00PM, etc.  This is 
>the first 
>> OS I've encountered that doesn't allow for 12- or 24-hour 
>clocks.  I'd 
>> like to see that changed.
>no comment.

This is based on your country's way of handling it. US/UK will get you
the AM/PM way, other countries usually use the 24 hour system.

>> For an Internet Tablet, e-mail is a major component.  Unless I'm 
>> missing something, there is no option to delete all e-mails 
>or even to 
>> select several e-mails and delete them.  For example, I subscribe to 
>> two newsgroups and regularly receive lots of e-mails.  In my 
>office I 
>> scan the headers to see which are important and delete the 
>rest.  I do 
>> the same with the N800 except I have to delete each e-mail 
>> That's tedious and inefficient.
>Agree - had that issue previously on the 770 as well.  I 
>currently use Gmail in the browser.

Multiple selections are possible and rather easy. Just drag the pen over
several emails in a row. And then you can add more by dragging over
another list of emails. It supports multiple selections ;) Guess a video
with instructions would help here ...


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