[maemo-users] [maemo-users] Some Thoughts Regarding IT OS 2007 and the N800

From: Dr. Nicholas Shaw Doc at DocHarley.com
Date: Fri Jan 26 16:38:17 EET 2007

Thank you for the information regarding e-mail.  I'll try it out today.  I
would, however, recommend including an option to 'select all.'  Again, this
just saves the user from dragging across many e-mails.  The option would
work for whatever directory the user is in such as the 'inbox.'

I missed Jonathan's response yesterday but the ability to schedule backups,
like I do with my Palm, would be great.  I use BackupBuddy and backup my
data every time I turned off my Palm. My Palm died which was the driver for
me to look for an alternative.  It is here that one starts to discuss what
should be included with the product and what should be a purchased product.
BackupBuddy is a purchased product and I would be willing, for a full
featured product, to pay for the same or similar features for the Nokia.
For an included product, the program should enable one to backup any files
on the device, whether flash or card.  Backing up of all programs and data
should also be included.  The issue of cost then moves to the depth and
breadth of the features and the ability to, for example, selectively choose
which files to retrieve, performing incremental versus full backups, etc.

Regarding 12- 24-hour time, I recommend, for the next update, you provide
the ability of the user to choose which they desire.  Military personnel in
the US, for example, use a 24-hour clock as do many international
corporations.  Visitors to the US may see the N800 and decide to purchase
one at a local CompUSA and be disappointed that it uses US time.  

Nick Shaw
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>> The N800 backup program is adequate for simple backups; however, it 
>> should include the ability to backup the storage cards and provide 
>> some level of compression.  For example, I have two 2GB 
>storage cards.  
>> On one I do backups.  On the other I have photos, etc.  I should be 
>> able to backup one card to the other.  And I should be able 
>to select 
>> backup of applications, etc.
>Agree -- would love to backup apps.  After a reflash, you have 
>to install everything again.  It's great to save your prefs 
>etc, but getting the apps back would be very nice.  I'd like 
>to have the backup be something you could schedule -- on my 
>Palm's I used BackupMan and had it run each night at 1am.

This is much more difficult than you think (I was campaining for that
feature too).

>> I do a lot of international travel and thus like to use the 24-hour 
>> clock, e.g. 1300 for 1:00PM, 1400 for 2:00PM, etc.  This is 
>the first 
>> OS I've encountered that doesn't allow for 12- or 24-hour 
>clocks.  I'd 
>> like to see that changed.
>no comment.

This is based on your country's way of handling it. US/UK will get you
the AM/PM way, other countries usually use the 24 hour system.

>> For an Internet Tablet, e-mail is a major component.  Unless I'm 
>> missing something, there is no option to delete all e-mails 
>or even to 
>> select several e-mails and delete them.  For example, I subscribe to 
>> two newsgroups and regularly receive lots of e-mails.  In my 
>office I 
>> scan the headers to see which are important and delete the 
>rest.  I do 
>> the same with the N800 except I have to delete each e-mail 
>> That's tedious and inefficient.
>Agree - had that issue previously on the 770 as well.  I 
>currently use Gmail in the browser.

Multiple selections are possible and rather easy. Just drag the pen over
several emails in a row. And then you can add more by dragging over
another list of emails. It supports multiple selections ;) Guess a video
with instructions would help here ...


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