[maemo-users] [maemo-users] [maemo-announce] New OS 2006 firmware released

From: Simon Moore simon.moore at ndirect.co.uk
Date: Tue Jan 30 12:48:45 EET 2007
Some feedback for the new version 3 IT2006 on the 770

The web browser (opera 8.02) and flash player ( are still 
the same version and still crash (as in browser closes, or 
occasionally whole OS reboots) randomly with no discernable pattern 
(i.e. crash on a page one moment, reload the browser and it is fine 
on the same page).  Other than that it seems to work.

To repeat an earlier grumble this is supposed to be a web tablet, I 
would expect the web browser to be the number one thing that works 
perfectly, not be the worst thing about it.

We now have 20 of these out there, 2 failed screens after reboot a 
few days in (no doubt a good proportion of you have that experience 
judging by the wiki and mail lists).  All suffer random browser 
issues (and Intranet browsing is all they are used for).  The only 
reason we are using them is they are better than the windows equivalent PDAs.

Hopefully minimo will have flash support soon and we can use that it 
seems better in many ways than opera 8.02 - perhaps nokia can help 
with the flash plugin for it?

I was hopping when this release came out it might fix some of the 
usability issues such as telling you that their is no DHCP on the 
wireless and telling you when you get the KEY wrong - as opposed to 
the generic it doesn't work message.

We have ordered some 800s to test but that will of course not help 
the 20 or so 770s we already have even if the 800 is better.


At 14:05 26/01/2007, Ferenc Szekely wrote:

>The latest OS 2006 Edition for Nokia 770 tablets is available at:
>The release notes:
>    * Improved quality of WLAN connections
>    * Wi-Fi certification included
>On behalf of the team,
>flashing instructions are in the wiki:
>official Nokia support pages:
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