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From: Karl Bellve Karl.Bellve at umassmed.edu
Date: Tue Jan 30 16:32:35 EET 2007
Simon Moore wrote:
> Some feedback for the new version 3 IT2006 on the 770
> The web browser (opera 8.02) and flash player ( are still the 
> same version and still crash (as in browser closes, or occasionally 
> whole OS reboots) randomly with no discernable pattern (i.e. crash on 
> a page one moment, reload the browser and it is fine on the same 
> page).  Other than that it seems to work.

I agree with you on your points. For an internet tablet, the Nokia 770 
software is very buggy. The browser randomly shuts down and sometimes 
reboots the Nokia, blinding me at night in the process :-)

The video player is very poor. It seems to give random error messages on 
videos that it has played before and will play again in the future. It 
doesn't support that many video formats, and resolutions. Mplayer will 
play the same video that Nokia 770 will claim not a valid resolution.

I don't even use the email client. Does anyone? I use a web front end to 
view my email.

I see wasted time effort in developing software for the Nokia.  The 
bright side is all the 3rd party software for the Nokia and that is its 
saving grace. If it wasn't 3rd party software, I would consider the 
Nokia 770 a disaster.

my 3rd party software that I use:

Personally, I wish Nokia would have went with thunderbird and firefox 
that could be improved by the outside community. Instead, they went with 
buggy pieces of proprietary code that Nokia can't seem to fix on its own.

My other big complaint is that the entire device has to be reflashed in 
order to run the new version of the OS. Why can't they update different 
pieces, like the browser, or the kernel? Since the browser and flash 
player hasn't been updated, I don't think I will update my Nokia 770.

I am also watching how Nokia still supports the 770 and this will impact 
my decision on whether I should upgrade to the 800 or the next version 
down the road. If they can't update the web browser on the 770, it tells 
me that next year, the 800 will be in the same boat. As of now, my Nokia 
770 is supported quit well by 3rd party developers! Hurah!

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