[maemo-users] Fwd: Skype on N800

From: Quim Gil quim.gil at nokia.com
Date: Mon Jul 2 09:55:40 EEST 2007
Skype seen (and pictured) working in the N800 in a Nokia stand at a
public event. Isn't this a communication?  

But before someone jumps to my neck, I will share some ideas in order to
put this thread in the right track:

- Companies sign agreements when collaborating. In the agreements they
define the levels of confidentiality of the collaboration among many
other details. 

- Mixing commercial and proprietary software practices with free and
open source software practices might lead very easily to a mismatch of

- maemo is an open source development platform and the maemo team is
willing to discuss any topic related to development or open source here
or in maemo-developers. 

- It is fine to discuss in this list issues about proprietary
applications for end users, hardware or even accessories. However, if
you are looking for official Nokia answers about these topics you better
try in the Nokia product page http://nokia.com/n800 and the support
channels linked there.

- We really don't want to force the community to beg/demand anything. We
simply don't have answers for everything as fast as you would like. What
we are having here is a complex (and generally fruitful) dialog between
a corporation, its customers, a community of developers and a maemo core
team. I would say we (all) are not doing bad, and it's improving. 

Comparing this dialog to the desired practices of community open source
development is fine, this is a challenge we want to take. Let's not
forget though that our picture is far more complex than most open source
projects (volume of code, volume in general, hardware development,
global competitors, mainstream products, corporate context, commercial

The positive counterpart of this complexity is that Nokia can bring the
open source technologies behind maemo to a next level if this project
continues its way to a Nokia-size success. Upstream developers and
wise/power users have seen some impact already in the Linux and free
desktop context, only two years after maemo and the 770 was announced. 

PS: You would be surprised how many people work in Finland during July.

Quim Gil - http://maemo.org

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