[maemo-users] Fwd: Skype on N800

From: Hanno Zulla abos at hanno.de
Date: Mon Jul 2 12:27:51 EEST 2007
Quim Gil schrieb:
> Skype seen (and pictured) working in the N800 in a Nokia stand at a
> public event. Isn't this a communication?

If you can showcase Skype on an N800 at a public event, why can't you
announce it on the mailing list?

It would be nice to hear at least some sort of whisper from the Nokia
team about upcoming releases every now and then. Oh, and more frequent
releases would be nice, as well.

Something like "a new firmware release is planned for next month, but
don't jump on us if we miss the date again. We made major improvements
in x, y and z and there are some surprise new features most of you will
like a lot."

Most, if not all users know about software development and deadlines, so
we will understand if an expected release date is postponed. But right
now, it feels a bit lethargic, not really knowing anything and everyone
speculating on ITT, irc and the mailing lists about an upcoming release
which is "imminent", but fails to show up.



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