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From: randall.arnold at nokia.com randall.arnold at nokia.com
Date: Mon Jul 2 17:40:57 EEST 2007
I want to apologize to the entire list and especially to the hardworking
N800 folks.  My original questions about release of information were
misunderstood and were never intended to indict anyone involved.  I
didn't think that there was anything inflammatory in what I said but
perhaps I could have taken more time than I did to better word it.

Suffice to say I do understand well the need for secrecy and in no way
intended to undermine that.  Tablet users should understand that Nokia
has reasons for keeping certain details proprietary.  My goal was only
to ask for some sort of official statement that could be provided to a
community eager for any news at all, even bad.  I in no way expected
that secret details should be made available to the users in any way.  I
am sorry that I was not careful enough in the wording of my post and
provided the wrong impression to some.

Randall (Randy) Arnold
Quality Feedback Analyst


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>> Something like "a new firmware release is planned for next 
>month, but 
>> don't jump on us if we miss the date again. We made major 
>> in x, y and z and there are some surprise new features most of you 
>> will like a lot."
>  Just to say that something like that came to public when we 
>had the announcement of Skype for N800. It said that at the 
>end of the first semester we would have Skype for N800 and if 
>I'm not wrong (I'm not sure about this), somewhere they 
>pointed out that we also should have a firmware release, this 
>is why everybody is talking about this "imminent" firmware.
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