[maemo-users] Fwd: Skype on N800

From: Neil MacLeod gmane at nmacleod.com
Date: Mon Jul 2 18:47:59 EEST 2007
randall.arnold at nokia.com wrote:
> I want to apologize to the entire list and especially to the hardworking
> N800 folks.  My original questions about release of information were
> misunderstood and were never intended to indict anyone involved.  I
> didn't think that there was anything inflammatory in what I said but
> perhaps I could have taken more time than I did to better word it.
> Suffice to say I do understand well the need for secrecy and in no way
> intended to undermine that.  Tablet users should understand that Nokia
> has reasons for keeping certain details proprietary.  My goal was only
> to ask for some sort of official statement that could be provided to a
> community eager for any news at all, even bad.  I in no way expected
> that secret details should be made available to the users in any way.  I
> am sorry that I was not careful enough in the wording of my post and
> provided the wrong impression to some.

For the record, I'm not flaming anyone in particular either - well OK, maybe just the whole Nokia Marketing Department! :)

The secrecy is understandable where some aspects of development are concerned, but my main point is that Nokia could do more to build some "hype" about the forthcoming release by dropping a few hints in public, pretty much as Hanno pointed out. Nothing too detailed (although more detail would be nice) - just enough to whet the appetite, and if releases slip to give us a brief update.

The "Skype seen in public" details seem to have been found by chance and not through any concious effort on behalf of Nokia to push this information into the public domain - it's interesting to note that someone found a YouTube video yesterday demonstrating Skype on N800, but it's already been taken down! What's so wrong with building a little interest in the product through some viral marketing?

Tantalise your users, allow some word of mouth marketing to take place, torment us with hints, stimulate demand for this product. If something is secret then fair enough don't mention it but where you are able to discuss some great new features coming down the pipe let's hear it - maybe even a YouTube video so bloggers can write about it too!

Let's build some (realistic) hype about the future releases in order to help promote this product! The current silence is deafening.

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