[maemo-users] Role of maemo i.e. in Re: Fwd: Skype on N800

From: Quim Gil quim.gil at nokia.com
Date: Tue Jul 3 09:02:41 EEST 2007
Hanno, Neil, Randall & co. Your comments are very interesting. I have
already reported to the right people internally quoting some of your
insightful thoughts and linking to this whole thread. I'm confident we
will do better next time.

Now, a question and a long thought for the maemo lovers:

What do you think we should do? Bring the Nokia devices/commercial
agenda also here or keep maemo apart from that?

In one hand we are trying to build a maemo community based on the open
source software and development interests. We are putting a lot of
effort creating a space with own identity and open source friendliness.
Not pushing other topics, like Nokia devices or proprietary and
commercial applications, is a decision made on purpose not to
'infoxicate' the main purpose of maemo: open source development for the
Internet tablets.

Now, because of this openness maemo is the easiest entry point for all
sorts of feedback that, in fact, haven't got much to do with open source
development or even usage. Like for example the Skype launch. 

In the meantime Tableteer (Nokia official site for end users) has a
feedback channel while http://www.womworld.com/nseries/category/n800/
(unofficial but sponsored by Nokia Nseries, I'm sure they read the
comments) is precisely about devices & end user software hype and
coolnessn no matter if it's open or closed as far as it's cool. And
let's not forget the Nokia support channels, that (have no doubt) report
to the management lines any relevant feedback and complaints.

Does the maemo community have a clear answer to this question? In the
meantime I hope the question itself helps the maemo community
understanding why the maemo team is not hurrying to comment here a sneak
preview of Skype. 

Almost the same applies to details of a next Internet Tablet OS release
besides the platform and open source related components, that we are
trying to address increasingly through
http://maemo.org/intro/roadmap.html , http://sardine.garage.maemo.org/ ,
http://modest.garage.maemo.org/ and other stuff commented through the
maemo-developers mailing list, our blogs aggregated in
http://planet.maemo.org and public presentations like
http://desdeamericaconamor.org/blog/node/369 or Ari Jaaksi's keynote in
http://www.guadec.org/schedule/core (open source lovers and developers,
stay tuned that day).

The maemo team acknowledges and tries to improve on any issue you report
about open source software development. But we really are not sure about
how far are we supposed to go on topics like Skype, for the reasons
mentioned above.

PS: Don't believe rumors of mass holidays in Finland. Even if they were
true they have nothing to do with our releases. Skype in the N800 was
promised and very soon you will be able to see it in your own N800,
together with some other cool stuff largely requested and discussed in
this list, and present in the maemo roadmap.

Quim Gil - http://maemo.org

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