[maemo-users] Role of maemo i.e. in Re: Fwd: Skype on N800

From: Hans J. Koch koch at hjk-az.de
Date: Tue Jul 3 16:04:12 EEST 2007
Am Dienstag 03 Juli 2007 08:02 schrieb Quim Gil:

> What do you think we should do? Bring the Nokia devices/commercial
> agenda also here or keep maemo apart from that?

We shouldn't make this an either-or black-and-white question. 

> In one hand we are trying to build a maemo community based on the open
> source software and development interests. We are putting a lot of
> effort creating a space with own identity and open source friendliness.
> Not pushing other topics, like Nokia devices or proprietary and
> commercial applications, is a decision made on purpose not to
> 'infoxicate' the main purpose of maemo: open source development for the
> Internet tablets.

> Now, because of this openness maemo is the easiest entry point for all
> sorts of feedback that, in fact, haven't got much to do with open source
> development or even usage. Like for example the Skype launch.

An end user can't tell the difference between a maemo issue and a Nokia 
issue. He/she comes here because they found this list and like mailing lists
better than forums. They ask their questions, and I'd really appreciate
it if Nokia management people would read it, too (and answer from time
to time). Allright, I see your problem. If you answer one question and
don't answer an other one, there'll be shouts "Ha! Shame on Nokia! They
didn't answer my question!" and that sort of stuff.

But I think end users also have to learn the ways of open source
development. They should know that nobody is obliged to answer their
questions or to fix the bugs they report. In time, they will learn
that even with these limitations, support here is much better than
with proprietary software because here they can get into contact
with really competent people instead of call center girlies.

And for some questions, Nokia officials would be the most competent
people to answer them. Do it! 

> In the meantime Tableteer (Nokia official site for end users) has a
> feedback channel while http://www.womworld.com/nseries/category/n800/
> (unofficial but sponsored by Nokia Nseries, I'm sure they read the
> comments) is precisely about devices & end user software hype and
> coolnessn no matter if it's open or closed as far as it's cool. And
> let's not forget the Nokia support channels, that (have no doubt) report
> to the management lines any relevant feedback and complaints.

Don't forget the other direction: How do users get feedback from Nokia?
I consider this at least as important. If somebody sends feedback and
gets no immediate response it is discouraging. Companies always like
to collect feedback but are not willing to offer the same in the
opposite direction.

> Does the maemo community have a clear answer to this question? 

I don't know :-)
Personally, I prefer to have things in one place. I don't like
searching the internet picking pieces of information from 
a dozen of websites, forums, and blogs. I'd very much like it if
everything that's got something to do with technical aspects
of the Nokia Internet tablets would be here on maemo-devel
and maemo-users. Mailing lists are the very best way of giving
feedback - in both directions.


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