[maemo-users] Problem streaming

From: Chris Vail chrisbvail at yahoo.com
Date: Thu Jul 5 03:54:09 EEST 2007
This is probably an old problem, but I haven't been on the list long enough to see previous posts on it.
  My N770 (running mistral, I believe) streams audio for just a few minutes (2-4) before stopping to "buffer".  It doesn't continue, however, until I close the Audio Player and start again.  I also have MPlayer installed, and it behaves the same way for audio streams.
  I have a 1 GB memory chip, and I have configured 64 MB as virtual memory.  I also have the osso-xterm installed.
  Is there some configuration I need to do to get audio streaming to work?  Or will I have to upgrade to gregale, or download some better application?

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