[maemo-users] Opera Handling

From: Stefan Englhardt ste at genias.net
Date: Thu Jul 5 09:39:54 EEST 2007

I find surfing on N800 could be easier with some small

1. Scrolling in Opera would be much easier using the hardware
keys on the left. But using them Opera jumps from link to link.
In most pages this is useless as there are too many or to few

I would prefer doing a simple scrolling with the hardwarekeys.
Down ist just down, ...

2. Clicking a link is sometimes hard without zooming a page.
It would be easier if Opera would have a larger range around
a link which activates the link.

3. Better Multitasking. On large pages I find myself waiting
until a page is loaded. Sometimes I see a link I want to
go further or I see this page isnt' what I want so I want
to go back. In this phase Opera isn't as responsive as I
want it to be. Just clicking the stopbutton it should stop
immediately without a single second doing anything else.



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