[maemo-users] What can I use my N800 for?

From: David Rudder drig at noses.org
Date: Fri Jul 6 02:29:08 EEST 2007
I'm getting frustrated with my Nokia N800 and I hope someone can help
me.  I bought this for a couple reasons, the 2 big ones are for SIP
video calling and for playing videos off my MythTV.  I have been totally
unsuccessful so far.

The media player finds my MythTV server, but it refuses to play any
videos.  It turns out that the videos are stored in standard definition
format, which the Nokia can't play.  Why do they advertise it's video
capabilities if it can't play standard videos?  I'm using a WinTV
PVR-500 to record MPEG-4 videos.  They play great on my Linux desktop
and my Windows laptop, but they refuse to play on my N800, even though
Nokia advertises that it plays MPEG-4.  Can anyone help?
I've tried transcoding files to flash, but they look awful and are very
choppy.  Not watchable.  I also tried transcoding down to a lower
resolution with similar  problems.  At least they play, but what good is
a 800x600 screen if the videos have to be 288x160?  And, even then, the
fast forward doesn't work and it regularly hangs and the video and audio
doesn't sync.

One big features that Nokia advertises is the ability to do video
conferencing.  Can someone tell me how to set it up so I can conference
from my Nokia to my Linux desktop machine?  Apparently, you have to use
the Nokia Internet Calling Invitation software, which isn't ported to
Linux.  I tried the Windows version on my laptop but it refused to run
until I bought a webcam.  There's no support for one-way video with
two-way audio?  And, no support for Linux?  *sheesh*

Beyond that, I can't seem to get a normal SIP voice client at all.
Tapioca doesn't support SIP.  Minisip supposedly works, but the
repository is down.  Gizmo supports SIP, but only if you have a Gizmo
account.  I'm using Allo.com.  Can someone please, please tell me where
to get a SIP client?

Is anyone out there having any success with their N800?  So far, I've
paid $400 for a brick I can play "pipe panic" on.  Why does this get
such great reviews?


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