[maemo-users] What can I use my N800 for?

From: Juha Kuikka juha.kuikka at gmail.com
Date: Fri Jul 6 02:53:39 EEST 2007
On 7/5/07, David Rudder <drig at noses.org> wrote:

> The media player finds my MythTV server, but it refuses to play any
> videos.  It turns out that the videos are stored in standard definition
> format, which the Nokia can't play.  Why do they advertise it's video
> capabilities if it can't play standard videos?  I'm using a WinTV
> PVR-500 to record MPEG-4 videos.They play great on my Linux desktop
> and my Windows laptop, but they refuse to play on my N800, even though
> Nokia advertises that it plays MPEG-4.

Hauppauge's PVR cards have MPEG2 encoders in them. So by default the
generated video is MPEG2 which the n800 does not support.  At last it did
not support the last time I looked into this.

Can anyone help?
> I've tried transcoding files to flash, but they look awful and are very
> choppy.  Not watchable.  I also tried transcoding down to a lower
> resolution with similar  problems.  At least they play, but what good is
> a 800x600 screen if the videos have to be 288x160?  And, even then, the
> fast forward doesn't work and it regularly hangs and the video and audio
> doesn't sync.

My experience is now six months old so things may have changed but I was
able to view and play transcoded mpeg4 videos from MythTV using the n800
UPNP client but only after tweaking MythTV's UPNP server a bit.

In general, looking at the list it seems that n800's video decoding
performance is not very good with the default codecs. What I have read on
the list about n800 mplayer port it looks very promising but of course it
does not support UPNP. Maybe some kind of UPNP frontend for mplayer would be
feasible solution. At least with MythTv it would be pretty trivial because
it only support the http transport which mplayer is able to use natively.

 / Juha
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