[maemo-users] What can I use my N800 for?

From: Kahlil Johnson jzarecta at gmail.com
Date: Fri Jul 6 05:18:43 EEST 2007
AFAIK mplayer has a gui frontend however I never use it since I preffer the

On 7/5/07, Juha Kuikka <juha.kuikka at gmail.com> wrote:
> On 7/5/07, David Rudder <drig at noses.org> wrote:
> > The media player finds my MythTV server, but it refuses to play any
> > videos.  It turns out that the videos are stored in standard definition
> > format, which the Nokia can't play.  Why do they advertise it's video
> > capabilities if it can't play standard videos?  I'm using a WinTV
> > PVR-500 to record MPEG-4 videos.They play great on my Linux desktop
> > and my Windows laptop, but they refuse to play on my N800, even though
> > Nokia advertises that it plays MPEG-4.
> Hauppauge's PVR cards have MPEG2 encoders in them. So by default the
> generated video is MPEG2 which the n800 does not support.  At last it did
> not support the last time I looked into this.
> Can anyone help?
> > I've tried transcoding files to flash, but they look awful and are very
> > choppy.  Not watchable.  I also tried transcoding down to a lower
> > resolution with similar  problems.  At least they play, but what good is
> > a 800x600 screen if the videos have to be 288x160?  And, even then, the
> > fast forward doesn't work and it regularly hangs and the video and audio
> > doesn't sync.
> My experience is now six months old so things may have changed but I was
> able to view and play transcoded mpeg4 videos from MythTV using the n800
> UPNP client but only after tweaking MythTV's UPNP server a bit.
> In general, looking at the list it seems that n800's video decoding
> performance is not very good with the default codecs. What I have read on
> the list about n800 mplayer port it looks very promising but of course it
> does not support UPNP. Maybe some kind of UPNP frontend for mplayer would be
> feasible solution. At least with MythTv it would be pretty trivial because
> it only support the http transport which mplayer is able to use natively.
>  / Juha
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