[maemo-users] A whole bunch of issues (new firmware)...

From: Tim tim at samoff.com
Date: Sun Jul 8 21:35:26 EEST 2007


	I sent a couple of these already, but got no response. Now, I have a
new issue (which is at the bottom).  

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 Subject: Camera v2.9 loses video functionality?!
 Date: 07/06/2007 8:01 am 

	Has anyone noticed that the latest version of the Nokia Camera app
doesn't have the video option anymore?  

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 Subject: Arg! My backup doesn't work!!!
 Date: 07/06/2007 8:05 pm
 Ok, so, I made my bsckup before flashing the new firmware... I
checked the
 backup directory on the MMC -- everything appeared ok (although, I
 look any "deeper"). Now, after upgrading, the Backup/Restore app
doesn't see
 the backup. So, I checked the contents of my backup.metadata file
and, guess
 what... It's completely blank (no XML data, nothing).
 Now, my question is... What can I do?  


	The Application Manager crashed while trying to install Python 2.5.
Actually, it has crashed on a few different occasions since
upgrading, but not like this time. This time, my desktop graphics
didn't redraw properly and the touch screen didn't work. Upon
restart, the Nokia Logo/Status Bar did it's thing, but then froze
when the Status Bar got to the end of the load animation. The startup
sound played (which usually plays during the "hands" graphic, but
nothing actually happened onscreen -- it is still on the Nokia Logo.
The N800 still goes into power save mode if I leave it alone -- and
comes back on when I tap the screen -- but it's just frozen on the
Nokia Logo. 

	I guess I'm going to need to reflash again. :( 

	Has anyone else experience any of these (three) items? 


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