[maemo-users] problems with themes and the new release.

From: James Sparenberg james at linuxrebel.org
Date: Mon Jul 9 09:13:08 EEST 2007

  Has anyone else noticed that the new version refuses to allow you to add a 
theme or if you do (like the plankton theme) it may corrupt your keyboard 
etc.  Themes like Vista or Nuevo Black keep reporting that the installation 
file is corrupted.  (but when I went back to the previous version they 
installed fine) 

  I've also noticed that it has some problems connecting and staying connected 
with my home/work/bookstore  wifi  even though I don't have a timeout set if 
I stop using it to say read an article ... ti times out and disconnects.  I 
checked my settings and I'm set to not time out.  (with previouos version 
connectivity was easy to maintain.)

  First flash I found that it couldn't connect through my phone (t-mobile 
edge) as the connect attempt just went into an endless loop.  A re-install 
brought this one. back.  

  On the plus side.  flash 9 .... big thumbs up.  Skype will come in handy.  
But more than anything ... flash 9 was the gas.


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