[maemo-users] question on booting from mmc

From: Wahlau - wahlau at gmail.com
Date: Thu Jul 12 19:09:37 EEST 2007
Hallo all,

i have followed the instruction on the wiki, and manage to now boot
from ext2 on my 2GB mmc. However i have some questions on this

1. does the card has to be put in the internet slot instead of the
external slot? i realise that i only can boot from mmc2 when i have
the card in the internet slot... perhaps i missed somethign here.

2. is it ok/possible that i make a backup of the ext2 partition (e.g
using dd and just tar it up as an image) so that i can "reflash" my
ext2 partition on the memory card everytime i want to return the
initial state of my dual boot?

3. i realise now i cannot access the memory card via USB cable anymore
(make sense, since it booted now from the card, so i should not be
able to "detach it". But how about ways to access the FAT partition i
have on the same card? gone? i must reboot back to flash? i will now
resort to scp, which i assume it will work :)



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