[maemo-users] question on booting from mmc

From: Antonio Orlando ant.o at libero.it
Date: Thu Jul 12 19:49:53 EEST 2007
Well, this is my very same question I posted here [1] (read the "newbie  
question" #1 at the end of the post).
There were some interesting answers, e.g. this one [2], which I didn't  
tried for lack of time.

Unfortunately no one still has been able to complete the page [3] that the  
"sebastian.linux" wrote on the wiki with the steps to perform an easy  
backup/restore under the dual boot setup, hopefully with the same  
straightforward and simple way of writing. The possibility of an easy  
backup/restore of the system is a natural consequence of that setup, so it  
would be appropriate in that wiki page, if someone could test/find a  
working way to achieve it.


[3] http://maemo.org/community/wiki/howto_easily_boot_from_mmc_card/

> 2. is it ok/possible that i make a backup of the ext2 partition (e.g
> using dd and just tar it up as an image) so that i can "reflash" my
> ext2 partition on the memory card everytime i want to return the
> initial state of my dual boot?

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