[maemo-users] question on booting from mmc

From: Frantisek Dufka dufkaf at seznam.cz
Date: Thu Jul 12 22:41:04 EEST 2007
Wahlau - wrote:

> 1. does the card has to be put in the internet slot instead of the
> external slot? i realise that i only can boot from mmc2 when i have
> the card in the internet slot... perhaps i missed somethign here.

Read the readme that comes inside initfs flasher. You can customize the 
boot menu and add any partition on any card. The external slot is named 

However last time I checked there was some bug (in kernel?) and you 
needed to have card inserted in internal slot to have the card in 
external slot be named mmcblk1. With only one card (in external slot) 
the external slot was named mmcblk0 at boot time but oddly it was named 
as mmcblk1 after system booted. Maybe this is fixed in newer firmwares?

> 2. is it ok/possible that i make a backup of the ext2 partition (e.g
> using dd and just tar it up as an image) so that i can "reflash" my
> ext2 partition on the memory card everytime i want to return the
> initial state of my dual boot?

Yes, either keep such initial state in internal flash and just follow 
the cloning guide again or boot from flash and mount and backup ext2 
partition via tar (perhaps to first fat partition). See the thread on 
ITT pointed by Antonio.

> 3. i realise now i cannot access the memory card via USB cable anymore
> (make sense, since it booted now from the card, so i should not be
> able to "detach it". But how about ways to access the FAT partition i
> have on the same card? gone? i must reboot back to flash? i will now
> resort to scp, which i assume it will work :)

Yes, this is new issue in IT2007, solution here

Also as mentioned in that thread (and in README and bootmenu 
configuration examples inside initfs flasher), it may be better to use 
ext3 not ext2 system as ext3 has similar journaling nature like jffs2 so 
you don't need to run fsck when your system does not shutdown properly.


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