[maemo-users] Walkthrought Java on 770

From: Wahlau - wahlau at gmail.com
Date: Fri Jul 20 00:38:38 EEST 2007

i have til now played a little with jalimo packages. I must thank the
guys behind this work - the packages work and i can make tests and
play around with it, not having the trouble to compile or to install
everything manually :P kudos and many thanks.

i one do hope to see awt and GUI support soon... btw, i still get
error with the .install file method. How ever this round i can use
apt-get to install cacao (which will install the rests automatically,
and i have my java environment up.) Not sure if others also face this
weird situation like me.

from observation, a script that will take about 250mili seconds, took
around 3500 mili second on the tablet. To me it is still bearable...
so i am happy to see things running on the tablet.

that's all from me now :)


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