[maemo-users] intending to buy a n 770

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Date: Tue Jul 24 19:09:14 EEST 2007
--- Mike Lococo <mpl22 at cornell.edu> a écrit :

> > This is my first post on this list.
> > I hope I won't be out of topic.
> > 
> > Then, maybe the nokia 770 is the thing I need :
> > It is between a pda and a tablet.
> > It has a lage screen,
> > a touch screen...
> > 
> > The purpose I would like to use it for
> > is mainly taking notes.
> > 
> > Also, it avoids me of using a operating system
> > I would not use. then I should say
> > it allows me to have such a thing;
> > since there is no way to avoid something
> > that could not happen.
> Bonus points for being the first poster to write up their question 
> context in free-verse poetry.
> > do you know people who use another linux than
> > the one already installed on.
> Not today.  Some Nokia engineers appear to be involvemed in the
> Ubuntu 
> Mobile project, though.  It may be that as that project matures it
> gains 
> Nxxx support.  It's too early to make any predictions though.

So, is the dedicated OS a unix-like one, or it just
has a linux kernel but could not be said to be a unix-like OS?
Can I have a terminal such as xterm?

Is there a way to put unix tools on it?
alt. Are usual unix tools already available on it?

I have heard their won't be any more upgrading work
done for this version (770), since their is the 800 now,

In a different matter:
what are the usable input methods for this machine:
-- graphical keyboard?
-- is the hand writing recognition actually works?

Is it definitly only a board to go on the internet;
not being even a PDA?


> Thanks,
> Mike Lococo
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