[maemo-users] intending to buy a n 770

From: Paul Klapperich maemo.org at bobpaul.org
Date: Tue Jul 24 19:16:42 EEST 2007
On 7/24/07, fully_associative-maemo at yahoo.fr <
fully_associative-maemo at yahoo.fr> wrote:
> So, is the dedicated OS a unix-like one, or it just
> has a linux kernel but could not be said to be a unix-like OS?
> Can I have a terminal such as xterm?
> Is there a way to put unix tools on it?
> alt. Are usual unix tools already available on it?
> I have heard their won't be any more upgrading work
> done for this version (770), since their is the 800 now,
> ...?
> In a different matter:
> what are the usable input methods for this machine:
> -- graphical keyboard?
> -- is the hand writing recognition actually works?
> Is it definitly only a board to go on the internet;
> not being even a PDA?
> Thanks,
> FA

It runs Maemo, which is somewhat based on Debian Linux (ie, you can install
applications with apt-get and dpkg). The interface uses the Hildon library
which is an extension of GTK. Nokia is actively participating with the Gnome
group. Please see http://www.maemo.org. For applications, see
http://www.maemo.org/downloads. You can install XTerm, ssh into your
computer, etc. There really is no reason to install a different linux; the
linux on it is just fine. There may be some argument to place a
newer/differently compiled linux kernel onto the device, and some have done

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