[maemo-users] Abiword craps out

From: Ryan Pavlik abiryan at ryand.net
Date: Thu Jul 26 00:06:50 EEST 2007
James Knott wrote:
> I have just installed Abiword on my N800.  However, I find it is very 
> unstable.  I just have to touch the open document and it will cause 
> Abiword to crash.  Has anyone else experienced this?  Is there some way 
> to make it usable?
> tnx jk
AbiWord is built for the 770 at this time.  Installing the package (by 
adding the Mistral repository) on an N800 does work, but due to the ABI 
break between IT2006 and IT2007, there are some problems.  Perhaps the 
most obvious is that if you let the tablet fall asleep with AbiWord 
open, it will crash when you wake it back up.  Additionally (and I think 
for a similar reason, though perhaps not), AbiWord seems to crash if you 
click to the right of the text (in the "margin").  I will be working on 
improving the Maemo port of AbiWord (indeed, these problems are because 
the app is _very_ Hildonized and so greatly affected by the API/ABI 
break) and building new version for the N800.  However, I am currently 
working on AbiCollab for the Summer of Code, and so that deadline comes 
first.  Hopefully within a month or two.  Until then, knowing those two 
crash triggers and avoiding them works, if quite inelegant.  (Opening 
DOC files doesn't work either, for an unrelated reason - dodgy iconv on 
the tablet - but a patch has been committed to the appropriate place, 
and as far as I know the other present import/export filters, including 
ODT, should be working)

Hope this helps! 

(If any developers are listening - I'm attempting to get AbiWord 2.5.x 
working because the structure of the embedded builds changed a lot 
between 2.4.x and the current development series, so that is where it 
makes sense to concentrate one's efforts.  A reliable source and binary 
package for armel and x86 of the AbiWord dependencies with the maemo 
package would be greatly appreciated.  To make an AbiWord package for 
Maemo, read the directions in abiword/src/pkg/maemo/ - the debian 
packaging/control files are already created.  You may email me directly 
or email the AbiWord developer list.)


Ryan Pavlik
AbiWord Win32 Platform Maintainer, Art Lead: www.abisource.com
AbiWord Community Outreach Project: www.cleardefinition.com/oss/abi/blog/

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