[maemo-users] Abiword craps out

From: James Knott james.knott at rogers.com
Date: Thu Jul 26 00:35:50 EEST 2007
Ryan Pavlik wrote:
> Hope this helps!
> (If any developers are listening - I'm attempting to get AbiWord 2.5.x
> working because the structure of the embedded builds changed a lot
> between 2.4.x and the current development series, so that is where it
> makes sense to concentrate one's efforts.  A reliable source and
> binary package for armel and x86 of the AbiWord dependencies with the
> maemo package would be greatly appreciated.  To make an AbiWord
> package for Maemo, read the directions in abiword/src/pkg/maemo/ - the
> debian packaging/control files are already created.  You may email me
> directly or email the AbiWord developer list.)
> Ryan
Thanks for the info.  Also, is there an ODT plugin for the Nokia
version?  And if so, any way to make it the default file format?

tnx jk

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