[maemo-users] When are we to expect the next update for the N800 from Nokia?

From: Alan Williamson alan at blog-city.com
Date: Mon Jun 25 16:02:14 EEST 2007
> 	That update fixed a variety of problems. Are there burning OS issues
> that should be addressed? There is a whole community that is churning
> out Maemo ports of all sorts of software. There is a Maemo port of Claws
> and it's very useful. Why should Nokia duplicate that?

I have CLAWS installed, but its not integrated to the lovely UI of 
Nokia.  It has no relationship to the "home page" -- so yes, there 
appears to be a duplication of effort required.  Or, for the API's to 
the home page to be opened up and further integration required.

As per your own "recommendation" if i wanted a general portable handheld 
linux box, then i have lots of options open to me.  I don't.  I want a 
Nokia integrated internet device.

>> - RSS reader improvements
> 	I believe there are several Maemo ports of this type as well. Same as
> above.

I give the exact same reason as above.  Integration Integration Integration.

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