[maemo-users] When are we to expect the next update for the N800 from Nokia?

From: Quim Gil quim.gil at nokia.com
Date: Tue Jun 26 10:06:57 EEST 2007
On Mon, 2007-06-25 at 13:47 +0100, ext Andrew Flegg wrote:
> I'm surprised because there's been very little news or update out of
> the project and no messages on the mailing list.

The Modest project probably honors its name. You get to know it more
through code than human words. This is because it is still not ready for
end user betatesting. Nowadays it's a beast only ready for bleeding edge
friendly developers.

> Would be very exciting to get a proper email client built-in. Say,
> this week? <hint /> ;-)

Not this week, nor anytime soon. But hopefully one day it will be there,
ready for use. Like the rest of items planned at

Speaking about the roadmap, do not miss the mention to WiMax. It has a
lot to do with this parallel conversation about wireless connection
anytime/anywhere in this same thread.

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