[maemo-users] How to get MU 13 chip

From: Josh Smith johsuars at gmail.com
Date: Mon Jun 25 22:44:18 EEST 2007
You can buy any RS-MMC (aka mmc mobile) 1 GB card .  It does not have
to be a Nokia branded one.

For example, a quick look on NewEgg gives:


I am not sure if the 770 can handle 2gb w/out some sort of kernel patch.

On 6/25/07, Chris Vail <chrisbvail at yahoo.com> wrote:
> I live in San Diego, USA, and I want to get a 1 GB memory for my N770 (I
> believe that is the MU 13 chip).  Unfortunately, the Nokia US website says
> "Store only", and the only Nokia stores in the US are in Chicago and and New
> York.
> What is the best way for me to get hold of the MU 13?  Should I try to get
> one of the Nokia stores to ship me one, or should I contact a European
> vendor?
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