[maemo-users] How to get MU 13 chip

From: Neil MacLeod gmane at nmacleod.com
Date: Mon Jun 25 22:46:35 EEST 2007
Chris Vail wrote:
> I live in San Diego, USA, and I want to get a 1 GB memory for my N770 (I 
> believe that is the MU 13 chip).  Unfortunately, the Nokia US website 
> says "Store only", and the only Nokia stores in the US are in Chicago 
> and and New York.
> What is the best way for me to get hold of the MU 13?  Should I try to 
> get one of the Nokia stores to ship me one, or should I contact a 
> European vendor?

Any standard 1GB RS-MMC card will work in the 770. You're better off *not* buying from Nokia as Nokia charge way over the odds for memory (between THREE and FOUR times the normal price!)

For example the UK Nokia store retails the MU-13 at £44 ($88) while I can pick up a Transcend 1GB Dual Voltage (DV) RS-MMC card for £12 ($24) online[1] in the UK - you should be able to get similar deals in the US.

Google for "1GB RS-MMC" and buy online or try Frys, Best Buy etc.

1. http://www.mobymemory.com/products/Transcend/Transcend-1GB-MMCMobile-RS-DV-(Dual-Voltage)-MMC-card.asp

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