[maemo-users] charger for the n800

From: Mike Klein mklein at vxappliance.com
Date: Thu Nov 1 00:39:12 EET 2007
Not true. There are a bazillion wall/ac adapters with usb
connector...producing a safe 5v.

Use this (or a usb battery pack) in conjunction with a boxwave
(sync/charge) or javoedge (charge only) cable and you're set.

You want this generic usb wall charger as it's useful for your other
gizmos...assuming you're like the rest of us and have several.

If you have more than one device it doesn't make sense to buy
proprietary chargers any more.


Peter Flynn wrote:
> Jonathan Greene wrote:
>> I can't even tell you what charger I am using with which device.  I
>> have quite a few N-Series phones and several tablets as well as the
>> Nokia GPS. They all use the same plugs and work just fine.  I would
>> not suggest getting a no-name brand... I've had trouble there with the
>> unit not charging.
> I had a poke around on eBay, and there were no (zero) US mains chargers 
> for Nokias. Hundreds of USB chargers etc, but none that you can plug 
> into a wall outlet. Very weird. But if the rating is the same as for a 
> phone that's no problem, I'll just pick up a clone in Circuit City or 
> BestBuy or somewhere.
> ///Peter
>> On 10/30/07, Peter Flynn <peter at silmaril.ie> wrote:
>>> Jonathan Jesse wrote:
>>>> Quick question, I'm off traveling and have left the charger at home.
>>>> Someone at the same confrence has a n770 and I am wondering if the
>>>> charger is compatible?
>>> Jonathan Greene wrote:
>>>  > should be cool ...  the thin plug fits most newer nokias now
>>> Does this mean any Nokia charger with the thin plug will do?
>>> Can you buy N800 US chargers separately? This would avoid me having to
>>> bring a plug-adaptor to the US (UK-style 3-square-pin mains plugs, which
>>> are heavy and bulky, have a habit of dragging plug-adaptors out of US
>>> wall sockets).
>>> ///Peter
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