[maemo-users] charger for the n800

From: Peter Flynn peter at silmaril.ie
Date: Thu Nov 1 00:51:14 EET 2007
Mike Klein wrote:
> Not true. There are a bazillion wall/ac adapters with usb 
> connector...producing a safe 5v.
> Use this (or a usb battery pack) in conjunction with a boxwave 
> (sync/charge) or javoedge (charge only) cable and you're set.
> You want this generic usb wall charger as it's useful for your other 
> gizmos...assuming you're like the rest of us and have several.
> If you have more than one device it doesn't make sense to buy 
> proprietary chargers any more.

When travelling, I agree...I can use my Instant-Power one. I want the 
mains plugin one for the home office, to stay there.


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