[maemo-users] Alpine E-mail client for the N800!

From: Denis DeLaRoca delaroca at mminternet.com
Date: Sat Nov 10 16:04:25 EET 2007
Pine is the University of Washington's Program for Internet News and Email. In 
2006, UW ceased development on Pine and started development on a successor 
christened with the name of Alpine -- in reality, Alpine being Pine v5.0 but 
now under an Apache license.

There are both Unix and Windows versions of Alpine. The Unix version is text 
user interface based -- its message editor inspired the text editor Pico. The 
Windows (and formerly DOS) version is called PC-Pine.

The Unix version runs very well on the Nokia Internet Tablet N800. With 
mouse-support enabled it can be be driven very nicely by point-and-click. With 
support from UW Alpine Development team, the current Alpine source now compiles 
cleanly on Scratchbox. A binary-only distribution can be downloaded from here.


If you are handy with an xterm, then configuring Alpine on the N800 is 
relatively straighforward. In return for the effort, one is rewarded with a 
no-nonsense E-mail client, fast, rich in features and fully standards 
compliant... Mark Crispin who invented IMAP twenty years ago is part of the UW 
Alpine Development team and is now running Alpine on his very own N800!

The current Alpine release, v0.99999, is a pre-release... but don't worry, as 
pre-releases go this is quite solid and many people use and depend on it for 
their daily E-mail processing. It shouldn't be long before the public v1.0 
release. With the new Apache license, the open source community is welcome to 
get involved. For now, and if interested please join the Alpine Discussion 
list, details here:


The Usenet News group comp.mail.pine features coverage of Pine / Alpine 
issues as well. Alpine, by the way is also a capable Usenet News Reader.


-- Denis

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