[maemo-users] Alpine E-mail client for the N800!

From: A J Thew aj.thew at gmail.com
Date: Sat Nov 10 16:40:49 EET 2007
On 11/10/07, Denis DeLaRoca <delaroca at mminternet.com> wrote:
> Pine is the University of Washington's Program for Internet News and Email. In
> 2006, UW ceased development on Pine and started development on a successor
> christened with the name of Alpine -- in reality, Alpine being Pine v5.0 but
> now under an Apache license.
> There are both Unix and Windows versions of Alpine. The Unix version is text
> user interface based -- its message editor inspired the text editor Pico. The
> Windows (and formerly DOS) version is called PC-Pine.
> The Unix version runs very well on the Nokia Internet Tablet N800. With
> mouse-support enabled it can be be driven very nicely by point-and-click. With
> support from UW Alpine Development team, the current Alpine source now compiles
> cleanly on Scratchbox. A binary-only distribution can be downloaded from here.
>         http://home.mminternet.com/~delaroca/
> If you are handy with an xterm, then configuring Alpine on the N800 is
> relatively straighforward. In return for the effort, one is rewarded with a
> no-nonsense E-mail client, fast, rich in features and fully standards
> compliant... Mark Crispin who invented IMAP twenty years ago is part of the UW
> Alpine Development team and is now running Alpine on his very own N800!
Hi, I use alpine on (big) Linux machines and wondered if anyone was interested
in using it on a 770 since I'm a big fan of pine on the 770 (having
used pine for years)?


A Thew

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