[maemo-users] Alpine E-mail client for the N800!

From: Denis DeLaRoca delaroca at mminternet.com
Date: Sat Nov 10 16:58:19 EET 2007
On Sat, 10 Nov 2007, A J Thew wrote:

> Hi, I use alpine on (big) Linux machines and wondered if anyone was 
> interested in using it on a 770 since I'm a big fan of pine on the 770 
> (having used pine for years)?

It should run on the 770 as well... the binaries I posted were generated 
on a Maemo 3.2 Scratchbox... so in principle they should run ok under OS 
2007 Hacked Edition, which many 770 folks are now using.

I don't have a Maemo 2.x Scratchbox set up right now but maybe someone 
with such an environment could help with compiling the Alpine sources so 
that N770 users are not left behind.


-- Denis

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