[maemo-users] Outgoing mail problem

From: Jonathan D. Proulx jon at csail.mit.edu
Date: Thu Nov 15 23:33:58 EET 2007
On Thu, Nov 15, 2007 at 04:04:39PM -0500, Steve Yelvington wrote:
:Jonathan D. Proulx wrote:
:> It seems that the mail client append @<outgoing.mail.host> to my user
:> name which my outgoing mail host doesn't like at all.
:Can you be more specific about the conditions under which this happens? 
:Does this happen during the SMTP conversation, and if so, exactly where?

using CRAM_MD5 auth with or without TLS the server (EXIM4) logs:

2007-11-15 14:36:46 lookup_cram authenticator failed for
pamplemousse.csail.mit.edu (localhost) []: 535 Incorrect
authentication data (set_id=jon at outgoing.csail.mit.edu)

I'm not seeing any username in a tcpdump of the SMTP conversation,
though I've not looked at this level before.  I expected a paintext
usename followed by the HMAC-MD5 of the challenge, but as wireshark
parses the bits:

220 outgoing.csail.mit.edu ESMTP Exim 4.63 Thu, 15 Nov 2007 16:20:34 -0500
EHLO localhost
250-outgoing.csail.mit.edu Hello n800.csail.mit.edu [128.30.xxx.xxx]
250-SIZE 104857600
250 HELP
334 PDIyOTMxLjExOTUxNjE2MzRAb3V0Z29pbmcuY3NhaWwubWl0LmVkdT4=
535 Incorrect authentication data
421 outgoing.csail.mit.edu lost input connection

:I have not had any issues with my N800 not properly conversing with an 
:SMTP host either with the default mail client, or with Claws.

is Claws just a different UI over the same mail engine as the default
client or does it have it's own engine?  I may try that just to see if
it behaves differently.


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