[maemo-users] Outgoing mail problem

From: Steve Yelvington steve at yelvington.com
Date: Thu Nov 15 23:04:39 EET 2007
Jonathan D. Proulx wrote:
> It seems that the mail client append @<outgoing.mail.host> to my user
> name which my outgoing mail host doesn't like at all.
Can you be more specific about the conditions under which this happens? 
Does this happen during the SMTP conversation, and if so, exactly where?

I have not had any issues with my N800 not properly conversing with an 
SMTP host either with the default mail client, or with Claws.

I'm currently using Claws, mailing out through an authenticated 
EasyDNS.com relay on an alternative (high numbered) port. No problems. 
EasyDNS runs Postfix.

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