[maemo-users] maemo.org localization (was Re: non-English blogs on Planet maemo?)

From: Quim Gil quim.gil at nokia.com
Date: Mon Nov 19 10:44:53 EET 2007
On Fri, 2007-11-16 at 13:53 +0100, ext Christian Otto Stelter wrote:

> I would like to see one planet per language.

Alright, but if this is the case then it is also reasonable to request
several feeds available in language X before opening an own planet. Any
ideas on how to proceed on this?

> The optimum would be a per user-control somewhere in the profile 
> settings to choose the languages the user wants to see on one planet 
> maemo page. For me this would be english + german blogs which could be 
> mixed.

Mmm interesting. Can you file an enhancement request at
http://bugs.maemo.org with all the details? We can discuss there the
complexity of the implementation. In the meantime we will see if there
are many non-English feeds out there about maemo.

There is more:

- Perhaps we need to figure out a way to accept feeds. I can check the
quality and relevance of blogs in English and other languages, but not
all of them. The maemo team is very cosmopolitan and we could always ask
the relevant speakers about their opinion on a candidate blog. 

- Also, quality is usually related to quantity. For instance, we are
getting tougher accepting new blogs in planet maemo since there is
enough quantity and any new feed should be as good, and/or add something
original. The scenario would change in an hypothetical
$minority_language planet, where it is hard enough to find bloggers. But
still we don't want to have the door open to whatever quality (or do

- How all this affects to http://maemo.org/news ? All feeds are streamed
there. Should we also add the non-English and leave the selection to the
hearts/buries game? Note that if people didn't want to see non-English
posts in Planet, they probably will not want to see either the titles
and headers in News... 

> btw. http://maemo.org/community/wiki/wikireorg/ leads currently to an 
> infinite loop.


Quim Gil - http://maemo.org

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