[maemo-users] maemo.org localization (was Re: non-English blogs on Planet maemo?)

From: Christian Otto Stelter cosinus at unit42.de
Date: Mon Nov 19 21:14:24 EET 2007

Quim Gil wrote:
> On Fri, 2007-11-16 at 13:53 +0100, ext Christian Otto Stelter wrote:
>> I would like to see one planet per language.
> Alright, but if this is the case then it is also reasonable to request
> several feeds available in language X before opening an own planet. Any
> ideas on how to proceed on this?

What about a little maemo-users/maemo-developers driven survey?

1. call for suggestions which additional feeds the users on both lists 
want to see on planet maemo for their favorite language (which are not 
already on it)
2. call for suggestions which additional feeds the frequent maemo.org 
users want to see
3. let them (1. + 2.) rate the content quality
4. share the collection of proposals among 1. + 2.

Decide then with which non-english planets to start with.

>> The optimum would be a per user-control somewhere in the profile 
>> settings to choose the languages the user wants to see on one planet 
>> maemo page. For me this would be english + german blogs which could be 
>> mixed.
> Mmm interesting. Can you file an enhancement request at
> http://bugs.maemo.org with all the details? We can discuss there the
> complexity of the implementation. In the meantime we will see if there
> are many non-English feeds out there about maemo.

ACK. Done: https://bugs.maemo.org/show_bug.cgi?id=2329

> There is more:
> - Perhaps we need to figure out a way to accept feeds. I can check the
> quality and relevance of blogs in English and other languages, but not
> all of them. The maemo team is very cosmopolitan and we could always ask
> the relevant speakers about their opinion on a candidate blog. 

You could let the maemo.org users decide. Add another page with a list 
of candidate blogs requesting acceptance for $number_of_weeks and use 
the hearts & buries mechanism.

> - Also, quality is usually related to quantity. For instance, we are
> getting tougher accepting new blogs in planet maemo since there is
> enough quantity and any new feed should be as good, and/or add something
> original. The scenario would change in an hypothetical
> $minority_language planet, where it is hard enough to find bloggers. But
> still we don't want to have the door open to whatever quality (or do
> we?).

Not so easy. May be you should consider also the frequency of new blog 
entries. If there is a $minority_language planet with a single, but very 
productive blog candidate with profound knowlegde he should get also the 
possibility to get accepted.

Otherwise I wouldn't drop a blog with a blogger who drops an entry only 
every 2-3 months, but also with good content on a planet with more 
feeds. Hmm.

May be you should also let the maemo.org users decide by vote whether 
the specific $minority_language planet should be started or not.

Concerning quality vs. quantity it would be reasonable to let the 
community decide whether a blog should be dropped or not. For those 
blogs you can check (understand) yourself, you could to a final exam 
before dropping. Just to avoid abuse of such a feature.

> - How all this affects to http://maemo.org/news ? All feeds are streamed
> there. Should we also add the non-English and leave the selection to the
> hearts/buries game? Note that if people didn't want to see non-English
> posts in Planet, they probably will not want to see either the titles
> and headers in News... 

If there is a solution for #2329 (being able to choose via user profile) 
just show the content of the preferred language(s). In the meantime 
additional news pages could be one solution (with hearts/buries game).

I don't know midgard yet and I don't know your setup. May be an insight 
in the deeper maemo.org mechanics could stir up some better ideas. May 
be I should start taking a look into midgard. ;-)

>> btw. http://maemo.org/community/wiki/wikireorg/ leads currently to an 
>> infinite loop.
> http://bugs.maemo.org/show_bug.cgi?id=2274


Kind regards,

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