[maemo-users] Announcing releases in maemo lists (was Re: [release] GPE-Sudoku v0.2)

From: Quim Gil quim.gil at nokia.com
Date: Thu Nov 22 08:20:42 EET 2007

On Wed, 2007-11-21 at 15:50 +0100, ext Luca De Cicco wrote:
> I'm glad to announce a very late new release of gpe-sudoku, the

Can we agree on some basics about announcing releases in maemo lists?

- No announcements in maemo-developers unless your release targets
developers (i.e. libraries, developer tools...) and not end users

- The counterpart: no announcements in maemo-users if you release
targets developers.

- In your mail link to your product pages (i.e.
http://maemo.org/downloads/product/OS2008/gpe-sudoku ) and refer to them
as primary source for feedback. Other users will benefit from this since
they will find the feedback better there than in mailing lists archives.
These comments and stars will affect your karma (hopefully in a positive

Quim Gil - http://maemo.org

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