[maemo-users] Memo mapper questions

From: Magnus Larsson magnus at vista.se
Date: Thu Nov 22 09:57:14 EET 2007

I use a N770, and have started using Meamo mapper, and find this utterly 

However, a few issues that I have not figured yet - and have not been 
able to understand from reading the docs that I found. So, with the risk 
of voicing too simplistic or uniformed questions:

I have no "points of interest" available. I use google maps as well as 
VE. But where do I find the POI database?

Secondly, is there a way to mark a place, for instance the hotel that I 
am staying in, as a "bookmark" or "home", and as visible reference point 
on the map? I have used the mapper for exploring some cities, and would 
find this very useful.


Magnus L

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