[maemo-users] No 'NEXT' key in acrobat reader

From: Dongi maemo at la.mine.nu
Date: Fri Nov 23 02:18:11 EET 2007
I often read ebooks or documentation on my N800 and I'm annoyed because
I cannot easily switch to the next page while I'm in fullscreen mode.

As screen real-estate is very precious I typically zoom the pdf until
the whole width of the page fills the screen. In fullscreen mode 
HARDKEY_UP and HARDKEY_DOWN do as you expect but the function of 
HARDKEY_LEFT and HARDKEY_RIGHT depends whether you have a horizontal 
scrollbar or not on your screen. If you don't that's fine, you can
switch to the next page with the right key, but if you do the left/right
keys are scrolling the page horizontally and this is how it should be.

What I'm proposing is to make the HARDKEY_SELECT key a next page key
in fullscreen mode. Right now the HARDKEY_SELECT duplicates the 
HARDKEY_FULLSCREEN one so I think some functionality is lost.

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