[maemo-users] WPA-Enterprise (PEAP-MSCAPv2) problem with N810/OS2008

From: Joshua Layne joshua at willowisp.net
Date: Fri Nov 30 00:15:00 EET 2007
(I am reposting this because on reflection, my initial post _was_ a
thread-jack, so I am committing the further faux-pas of double posting, but
at least under my own banner)

Hi all,

I am new to the list - just bought an N810 - having fun with it, but am
experiencing some frustration with my work network (WPA 1/2 - Cisco WLAN
with MS IAS RADIUS backend (PEAP MSCHAPv2)) - I can't connect to the
network. I can connect to a guest SSID that is open (same access points
broadcast multiple SSIDs), but I really need access to the secured WLAN. I
have successfully connected to this same network using wpa_supplicant, so I
know it is possible, but wpa_supplicant doesn't seem to (yet?) be available
for OS2008 

Is this a known bug?  Is there any additional information I can provide?  I
have a fair level of access to the wireless environment so should be able
to get good logs (I am in IT and project managed this wireless
implementation).  So far, all I am seeing on a mac address scan is that my
client is seen as 'probing' the network.  I should be able to work with the
RADIUS admins tomorrow to see if there is anything useful in those logs.

WPA-PSK seems to work fine (home network)

This network works with winXP, mac OS10.3.4+, and linux wpa_supplicant - I
don't think the network is misconfigured.

I have connected to the above network using wpa_supplicant with the hostap
driver on a 2.26.21-hh18 kernel on a pre-release of Angstrom, so I don't
think the kernel is broken (i don't believe any of the hh patches deal with

Again, this is on a new N810 (OS2008 out-of-the-box)

Best Regards and thanks for any tips. 


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