[maemo-users] Relocate n800 Claws Folder?

From: DrFredC.com drfredc at drfredc.com
Date: Fri Nov 30 01:00:00 EET 2007
Does anyone know how to relocate the Claws email folder on an n800 from
the external to internal card?

I can't seem to find a procedure in the Claws program to do this.

It would seem there must be a file somewhere that defines the folder
location that one could edit, but I can't find it.

Background : Now that I've figured out how to move some DVD movies to my
external card, I want to be able to swap the external card in and out.
However, I decided to put the Claws email folder on the external card
after the Claws email folder was erased (or location lost) during one of
the summer 2007OS upgrades.

Not being a Linux user,

    * I can't seem to find much of anything about the structure of how
      things work,
    * Or where stuff in general is stored, or why it's stored where it is.
    * It seems some programs are installed here, some there, most are
      who knows where?
    * Fortunately, somehow they all show up on the user menus just fine.

I suppose a short primer on Lunix would be useful, if I had time to paw
through it.


Always, Dr Fred C
drfredc at drfredc.com

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