[maemo-users] powerlaunch - power key shortcuts

From: Kemal Hadimli disqkk at gmail.com
Date: Tue Oct 2 08:34:22 EEST 2007
Exciting stuff! A locked screen with unlocked keys is one of the
things I've always wanted for music playback. Of course if wouldn't be
the same batt usage as the softpoweroff mode (as softpoweroff also
disables keyboard interrupts) but it would be acceptable and i'll
leave it to Nokians to discuss anyway.

Awesome job, I'll try right now. (having a second OS on the mmc makes
you fearless)

I'll play with powerlaunch.conf in a bit, but asking just for the sake
of more discussion in the list: would it work with overlapping
profiles? ie. one power key press toggles softpoweroff, but one
powerkeypress immediately followed by (ie. in 1500 msecs) another
action does something else?

Also, if it also detected Nokia 770 cover on/off events it'd make
IT2007HE users (as well as regular IT2006 folks) really happy. In my
770 days I always wanted to use the volume buttons with the cover on.

On 10/2/07, Austin Che <list-maemo at austinche.name> wrote:
>     I'm releasing an initial test version of powerlaunch:
>     https://garage.maemo.org/projects/powerlaunch/


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