[maemo-users] powerlaunch - power key shortcuts

From: Austin Che list-maemo at austinche.name
Date: Tue Oct 2 18:50:51 EEST 2007
"Kemal Hadimli" <disqkk at gmail.com> wrote:

> Exciting stuff! A locked screen with unlocked keys is one of the
> things I've always wanted for music playback. Of course if wouldn't be
> the same batt usage as the softpoweroff mode (as softpoweroff also
> disables keyboard interrupts) but it would be acceptable and i'll
> leave it to Nokians to discuss anyway.

    I can't imagine the battery usage would change significantly (or
    at all) with unlocked keys if the keys aren't pressed. And
    compared with the current situation where I have to turn on the
    device from softpoweroff (including turning on the screen) to do
    something and then turn it back off, it certainly should save
> I'll play with powerlaunch.conf in a bit, but asking just for the sake
> of more discussion in the list: would it work with overlapping
> profiles? ie. one power key press toggles softpoweroff, but one
> powerkeypress immediately followed by (ie. in 1500 msecs) another
> action does something else?

    Currently not as there's no notion of time. I was planning on
    adding timers so that one could fully implement the same
    touchscreen/key lock behavior found in the default system,
    i.e. powerkey + select unlocks the device only if the select
    occurs within some amount of time of the powerkey.
> Also, if it also detected Nokia 770 cover on/off events it'd make
> IT2007HE users (as well as regular IT2006 folks) really happy. In my
> 770 days I always wanted to use the volume buttons with the cover on.

    I don't have a N770 so I don't how to detect this. Is it a dbus
    message? All dbus messages that the program receives can be
    handled by the config file. It would just be a matter of making
    sure it listens to the right place.

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