[maemo-users] using 2 ITs together

From: John Rudd john at rudd.cc
Date: Fri Oct 12 10:16:06 EEST 2007
I just had an odd thought.  I was playing with xbdbthid (an app for the 
770 and N800 that lets your IT act as a bluetooth keyboard for some 
other device: http://www.mulliner.org/bluetooth/xkbdbthid.php ).  I say 
I was playing with it, instead of using it, because for some reason it 
doesn't quite interact with the Mac properly (supports Boot mode only, 
whatever that means, and that's apparently not good enough for OSX).

So then I thought "what other computer do I have that I could use this 
with".  And then I thought "hm... wonder if I had two ITs, could I use 
one as the keyboard for the other".  This fits right in with the thought 
I've had about using the N800 to make a micro-laptop, using a Freedom 
Input "Slim" keyboard, which is a credit card sized bluetooth keyboard, 
once they release it.  I just need to find a case that would hold it 

So, instead of using that device, I could have 2 N800s, and a case that 
held them appropriately ... where one N800 served as the bluetooth 
keyboard for the other N800.  (or one of them could be a 770, or something).

So then I thought "that'd be a waste to only use the 2nd device as a 
keyboard... I wonder what OTHER things I could do with it".  So, I'd use 
one for running keyboard oriented apps (xterm, even some web stuff can 
be keyboard intensive, things like that), while the other IT would be 
for running xbdbthid and non-keyboard apps.  I could also use the 2nd IT 
for a little bit more storage and transfer files back and forth via 

What I'm leading to is:

1) has anyone else thought about doing something like this?

2) which apps would you put on which IT?  Call one the "display IT" 
(runs xterm and web), and call the other one the "input IT" (runs 
xbdbthid).  Which apps would you think would go on which IT?

3) What other sorts of uses could you see for using two ITs together 
like this?  I'm not envisioning a pocket beowulf, but I am looking for 
other uses for a pair of N800's (or an N800 and a 770, since the 770 
works for running xbdbthid, and they're pretty cheap lately).

4) What kind of case do you think would be best for housing these two 
devices into a micro-laptop?  Hopefully something whose hinge can be 
locked into appropriate angles for convenient use.

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