[maemo-users] how to turn off and lock the n800 (answer)

From: Daniel M German dmg at uvic.ca
Date: Fri Oct 19 08:23:42 EEST 2007
 Kemal> On 10/11/07, Daniel M German <dmg at uvic.ca> wrote:
 >> ** Soft-power off mode. I have enabled it with a long press of the on-button.
 >> Unfortunately it does not disable the keys. It would be nice if it
 >> did, except for a long-press of the on-botton again.

 Kemal> softpoweroff works better if you assign it to the short press. I use
 Kemal> it that way and it also locks the keys. I also made it so that the
 Kemal> long press brings up the power menu.

thanks Kemal,

I finally had time to try this and it works as Kemal explains.

So recapitulating, for those who were asking how to do it:

* When the PowerKeyShortAction=softpoweroff the keys are locked

* When the PowerKeyLongAction=softpoweroff the keys are NOT locked

If you are interested in having the keys locked and the display turned
off in one single action:

* modify /etc/mce/mce.ini (be careful, and make a backup copy just in case):

   change PowerKeyShortAction to:


   and change PowerKeyLongAction to:


* now if you press the power button (I)

1) Short press -> turn off screen, and lock keys, and disable screen sensitivity

  To wake it up -> press (I) for at least 1.5 seconds (this is the
  default timeout for longPress)

2) Long press (at least 1.5 seconds) -> brings menu up


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dmg (at) uvic (dot) ca
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