[maemo-users] External Monitor with N800

From: Mike Klein mklein at vxappliance.com
Date: Thu Oct 18 09:36:57 EEST 2007
Then you'd have to have a dongle, no? Dongles are evil...I carry around
too much crap already.

Why would you prefer dvi?

If it were hdmi...it w/have to be v1.3? cause this is only version that
supports HD video with audio....supposedly earlier hdmi versions
wouldn't support full audio when doing 1080p.


John Rudd wrote:
> Aside from substituting "DVI with DVI-A" for HDMI, I agree.
> It'd be nice to see decent video out on the internet tablets.
> Mike Klein wrote:
>> I think we'll see this soon enough...especially nice for higher-res
>> pdas/etc.
>> OQO has hdmi out...and I think they're the only ones with such a thing.
>> When you move your umpc/ppc into new context/environment...you will want
>> to replace inputs and outputs (speakers, screen, mic, keybd,
>> etc.)...ideally all thru bluetooth....but bt imaging is kinda weak still
>> I think.
>> Then you've truly got a modular heart/brains unit that can be used
>> standalone or integrated into "larger" device when in car, etc.
>> I consider addition of hdmi out to these class of devices a must-have
>> almost.
>> mike
>> Kalle Valo wrote:
>>> "ext Dr. Nicholas Shaw" <Doc at DocHarley.com> writes:
>>>> My wife would like to display presentations, that reside on the N800,
>>>> directly to a monitor without using another computer (such as what
>>>> I do with
>>>> VNC).  In other words, presentation runs on the N800 and output
>>>> displays on
>>>> an external monitor. 
>>>> I believe we had a similar discussion several months back.  Is this
>>>> possible?  The answer was, I believe, no but I want to verify.
>>> You are correct, N810 does not have video output. But there was a
>>> similar question posted to lwn.net and someone suggested to use
>>> USB2VGA for that:
>>> http://lwn.net/Articles/254916/
>>> http://www.nslu2-linux.org/wiki/HowTo/AddVGAAdapter
>>> It might or might not work. But this would be a hacker project, not
>>> for normal users.
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