[maemo-users] External Monitor with N800

From: John Rudd john at rudd.cc
Date: Thu Oct 18 14:43:58 EEST 2007
You don't need a dongle, no.  Just a cable.

If you have a miniDVI port on a device, then you can have a simple cable 
that is:

1) MiniDVI to HDMI (just the video signals)
2) MiniDVI to DVI
3) MiniDVI to VGA*
4) MiniDVI to Video*

(* only if the dvi hardware supports DVI-A (the analog pins))

HDMI can't do #3 nor #4, because its video pins are "DVI minus DVI-A", 
so it is ultimately less flexible.  You can't easily connect it to a VGA 
monitor nor analog TV.

That's why I prefer DVI over HDMI.

And, I'm not suggesting the need for analog because I think it's still 
important to support analog.  I'm suggesting it so that those who want 
to use their internet tablet as a light weight mobile workstation can do 
so cheaply.  Just pick up any VGA monitor, or even an old TV, and you're 
in business.  You probably can fill this niche without even buying anything.

Mike Klein wrote:
> Then you'd have to have a dongle, no? Dongles are evil...I carry around
> too much crap already.
> Why would you prefer dvi?
> If it were hdmi...it w/have to be v1.3? cause this is only version that
> supports HD video with audio....supposedly earlier hdmi versions
> wouldn't support full audio when doing 1080p.
> mike
> John Rudd wrote:
>> Aside from substituting "DVI with DVI-A" for HDMI, I agree.
>> It'd be nice to see decent video out on the internet tablets.
>> Mike Klein wrote:
>>> I think we'll see this soon enough...especially nice for higher-res
>>> pdas/etc.
>>> OQO has hdmi out...and I think they're the only ones with such a thing.
>>> When you move your umpc/ppc into new context/environment...you will want
>>> to replace inputs and outputs (speakers, screen, mic, keybd,
>>> etc.)...ideally all thru bluetooth....but bt imaging is kinda weak still
>>> I think.
>>> Then you've truly got a modular heart/brains unit that can be used
>>> standalone or integrated into "larger" device when in car, etc.
>>> I consider addition of hdmi out to these class of devices a must-have
>>> almost.
>>> mike
>>> Kalle Valo wrote:
>>>> "ext Dr. Nicholas Shaw" <Doc at DocHarley.com> writes:
>>>>> My wife would like to display presentations, that reside on the N800,
>>>>> directly to a monitor without using another computer (such as what
>>>>> I do with
>>>>> VNC).  In other words, presentation runs on the N800 and output
>>>>> displays on
>>>>> an external monitor. 
>>>>> I believe we had a similar discussion several months back.  Is this
>>>>> possible?  The answer was, I believe, no but I want to verify.
>>>> You are correct, N810 does not have video output. But there was a
>>>> similar question posted to lwn.net and someone suggested to use
>>>> USB2VGA for that:
>>>> http://lwn.net/Articles/254916/
>>>> http://www.nslu2-linux.org/wiki/HowTo/AddVGAAdapter
>>>> It might or might not work. But this would be a hacker project, not
>>>> for normal users.
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