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Jonathan, thanks for the updates!





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Been meaning to reply back to this thread .... been hectic here.

My device is pre-release and has a slip case which I believe will be

Ogg is not included for codec licensing issues... 

Form factor is excellent as is the build and it will apparently get a bit
better over the course of the pre-release period along with the updates to
the OS for release. 

Non-Powered USB...can't charge - not sure about keyboard, but I assume not
and it's the micro-USB variety.

MiniSD gives you up to 10GB storage with the internal ...   US / Canada maps
are preinstalled in much (think it's around1.8GB) of the 2GB internal and
non-removable card which is how you get 256 free there.

Wimax is next year... I've been told it's "later."

No FM radio either... 

Anything else - I'll likely have an overview blog post up in the next 24-48
hours once i get back to NY have time to think it out a bit with some
extended use. 

If there's something specific you'd like to know, please let me know... 

On 10/18/07, Steve Greenland < <mailto:steveg at moregruel.net>
steveg at moregruel.net> wrote:

According to John Rudd  < <mailto:john at rudd.cc>  john at rudd.cc>:
> And, no, it's not about "open and free".  Since the developers in
> question are Nokia (since the comment was directed at the release of the
> N810 itself, and not a request for more 3rd party development), it's 
> about how much effort the developers need to put into supporting
> something vs. the amount of return they get from supporting it.

Actually, it is about being open and free. Nokia promotes the tablet 
as an open platform, and is using huge amounts of free software as the
basis for its product. To ignore ogg-vorbis support, which *is* an
important feature for many of us (and far more valuable, to *me*, than
WMA and AAC support), and is pretty much the only free-as-in-freedom
codec, is a bit of a slap in the face.

Some of us do have political agendas, such as promoting the use of free
software. That Nokia uses our software (as is their right, according to 
our licenses), but then promotes non-free codecs/software, is a bit sad.


Steve Greenland
    The irony is that Bill Gates claims to be making a stable operating
    system and Linus Torvalds claims to be trying to take over the 
    world.       -- seen on the net

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